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Charm City Property Management is one of Baltimore’s leading Management companies. Charm City manages over 100,000 square feet of Residential and Commercial properties. From Single-Family Homes to Multi-Family Units, CCPM has an experienced management staff to handle every aspect of your property or Portfolio. Unlike the many ‘fly by night’ operations in the Industry. We are the leaders at successfully marketing vacant properties. We have the most extensive tenant screening and vetting process available, to ensure the highest quality of renters for your property. In addition, we have In-House Maintenance to help keep your costs to a minimum. Our In-House Maintenance team offers a wide range of repair services that keep properties in good condition at an affordable cost.

We have one of the highest owner retention rates of any management company in Maryland. Whether you need us to manage a vacant property, find a new tenant for an existing property, or manage a property you already have occupied, we can help. Request more information, and our property managers will contact you within 24 hours with a marketing plan — including pricing to get you started today! To find out more information about our company click here.