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Residential & Commercial Property Sales

Looking to sell your residential home or investment property in the Maryland area? 

Residential & Commercial Property Purchases

Seeking a residential or commercial property for an investment stream? Looking to purchase a residential home as your permanent residence? 

Investment Property Consultation

Need advice on how to plan and execute your investment property purchase or refinance? 

Wholesale/Off-Market Properties

Looking for an exclusive list of off-market or unlisted properties? 

Private Lending

Seeking an unconventional lender or hard money lender for your next deal? 

Investment Opportunities

Looking for a great return on your money without having the headaches of being involved with the physical labor? 

Property Management

Looking for a knowledgeable property manager that can handle all of the leg work while you receive the benefits of your rental or investment property? 

Distressed Property

Do you own a property that is currently distressed from tax liens, potential or current foreclosure, inherited and unwanted, fire damage or tenant trouble? 

Mortgage Relief

Are you upside down in your investment property or residential home and are seeking a way out of your mortgage or payments?