Buying & Selling


Much of an agent’s work is quiet, behind the scenes – and important. Promoting your home or investment property involves several outreach efforts, including scheduling, marketing and hosting open houses, following up with open house visitors, having conversations with ad respondents, and posting photos on the web. Being your guide and confidant is part of the process as well as one of our primary services to our clients.

Selling can entail a variety of marketing strategies, and your agent will develop a plan especially for your home or investment property, which will help set it apart in your local marketplace and attract buyers. Once listed, it’s likely that the home will be quickly entered into the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and distributed to over 500 national and local real estate websites, where most buyers begin their search for a new home or investment property. 


You have a lot on your plate, and buying a home or investment property is just one thing on your mind. At Charm City Realty Group, we get that. By working with our company, you will benefit from our stellar reputation in the Maryland area and the industry, as well as our commitment to present you with smarter choices, better planning, faster timing and fewer hassles. Whether you want to buy a residential home to reside in or an investment property our knowledge of the business gives us, and you, access to a network spanning across the entire state of Maryland. No matter where your new home or investment property is, your Charm City Realty Group Associate will help you find it.

  • Provide professional, licensed agents specializing in the listing, leasing and selling of both residential and commercial properties. We will put our experience and professionalism to work for you. We will price your properties correctly, facilitate the best deal on the right property, ensuring that we will meet and exceed your ultimate goals. Throughout this process you will be treated fair and represented with the utmost professionalism and respect.
  • Investor Friendly, Licensed Real Estate Professionals that are ready to help you with your next deal.
  • Investment Properties, Wholesale Properties, Off-Market Properties, Residential & Commercial.
  • We REALLY Buy Houses! Get your distressed property or deal reviewed by our network of direct buyers or let us purchase it!

Property Management Services

  • Property Purchase and Sales
  • Formation and Administration of Investment Groups
  • Tenant Management
  • Tenant Procurement
  • Lease Administration
  • Evictions
  • Tenant Qualifications and Background Checks
  • Collections, Building Maintenance and Renovations
  • Establish and Maintain Building Service Contracts
  • 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance Service
  • Budgeting

Emergency Property Relief

  • Mortgage Relief
  • Foreclosure
  • Distressed Properties
  • Rental
  • Quick/Liquidation Sales
  • Haul Out/Clean Out Services

Investments & Investment Opportunities

  • Focus On Value
    Our objective is to generate excess returns over a market cycle by purchasing
    public real estate enterprises at a discount to private market valuation.
  • Focus On Yield and Cash Flow
    Our investment process emphasizes dividend yield in REIT structures, and free
    cash flow in non-REIT companies.
  • Focus On Non-Core Strategy
    All-cap strategy services that may contain REITs, Real Estate Operating Companies,
    and REIT preferred equities. The Value-Opportunity strategy may take modest leverage or short positions but
    is long-biased.
  • Focus on Diversification and Liquidity
    Portfolios are diversified across sectors, geographic locations and tenant exposure
    to protect capital. Portfolios structured with publicly traded real estate securities to provide liquidity.
  • Joint Ventures, Limited Partnerships & Passive Investments
    Our services offer several options for investors seeking passive income streams and long or short term capital appreciation.